Elia Innovation

3D Printing at Elia

Starting with logistics and spare parts management, Elia is exploring the use of 3D printing throughout the company.

Why 3D printing?

Our 3D printing project has focused on detecting opportunities for 3D printing in Elia’s warehouse. The aim is to find cost-effective ways to deliver qualitative spare parts as and when they are needed. The first case has been successfully implemented in the field, representing a long-term cost saving. Previously circuit breaker caps deteriorated prematurely due to UV sensitivity of the used materials. For almost the same cost, Elia used 3D printing to develop a more qualitative spare part which requires less maintenance, which saves both time and money.

What is the added value for Elia and the society?

3D printing empowers Elia to further optimise our spare part management in a qualitative and cost-effective way. This is especially important due to the large amount of assets that remain operational for a long period of time.


“We really didn’t know what to expect at the beginning of this project. We’ve learned what is and isn’t possible with 3D printing and continue to look for opportunities in the future.”

Luc Van Horenbeek, Warehouse Manager

“To begin with I was skeptical about the potential value of 3D printing in our business. But, surprisingly, this technology has had a positive impact in a lot of cases.”

Michiel Uwaerts, , Innovation Project Leader