Bid Ladder

The BidLadder is a market platform operated by Elia with different (kinds of) bids for balancing energy. In combination with a Transfer of Energy-solution it allows Balancing Service Providers (such as independent aggregators, grid users or BRPs) to offer flexibility to Elia for balancing purposes. Today this is limited to large production units.

Once final, it will provide the control engineer with an overall merit order for balancing energy, in particular all R3-related products, both reserved and non-reserved products.

What is
the project about?

In essence, the BidLadder is a platform operated by Elia gathering different (kinds of) bids for balancing energy. In its ultimate form it will provide control engineers with an overall ranking for balancing energy, in particular all R3-related products, whether reserved or non-reserved. Opening market access to balancing service providers (BSP[ML1] s) will give Elia greater liquidity in the balancing energy market, which is also positive for the community and in terms of integrating RES into the Belgian grid.

The BidLadder, combined with a transfer of energy (ToE) solution, enables BSPs like independent aggregators or grid users to offer Elia flexibility for balancing purposes, whereas today this option is only open to large generating facilities (such as CIPUs).

The ToE solution ensures that market parties (i.e. BSPs) that are not necessarily suppliers or balancing responsible parties of the system operator in question can participate in the balancing mechanism by offering their flexibility to Elia. The BidLadder will open up the market via the parties' necessary adjustments to balancing perimeters and by making aggregated data available to these parties, facilitating bilateral financial compensation.

What can Elia use and what will be the outcome for society?

Opening up the balancing market to new sources of flexibility and bringing in new types of market actors to offer this flexibility to Elia, can only improve the liquidity of the balancing market. This will give Elia higher balancing volumes at lower prices, which will have a positive knock-on 'welfare' effect for society in general.

Key dates timeline

The BidLadder-project combines multiple aspects of balancing market design with a contractual framework that is at a crossroads between several ongoing developments. The current pilot project is just a first step in a far more expansive, ongoing change.

Patrick Buijs

Elia is not just Belgium's transmission system operator - it is also a key player at European level.